March 28, 2012

All in your hands..

There was a Swamiji...who was so wise, that one of his disciples, wanting to prove him wrong at least once, came up with an ingenious plan. He would carry a bird in one hand, hide it with the other hand, and pop a question, “ Swamiji, I have a bird in my hand. Is it dead or alive?” If the Swamiji answered, “Dead”, he (the disciple) would open his hands and let the bird fly, proving the Swamji wrong. If the answer was “Alive”, he would crush the bird between his hands and show the dead bird, proving the Swamiji wrong again.
So, next day, he goes to the Swamiji with the bird and asks the question if the bird in his hands was dead or alive. The Swamiji, the smart guy that he was, looked him in the eye and replied, “My son, the answer is in your hands”.

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