February 13, 2009

He cried...and the world cried with him

I dont remember the last time when i was so emotionally attached to an international sports player...but then Roger Federer is not just a player...he is the phenomenon..and when he broke down after loss in Aus Open Finals, the toughest of the guys on the earth had tears in their eyes...well...nothing to take away from rafael nadal...he played like a champion....and he deserved to win it...and he also showed what a great human being he is....but when a loss brings out that kind of feelings not only among followers but also his critics...you know that Fedex is not just another tennis player...take a break fedex...and come back stronger...we know you will...


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  2. >>btw...tumhi marathit kase likhan karata sanga na jara

    Hi! mee mayboli yaa sansthalachee sabhaasad aahe naa, tar tithe lihite an blogvar cut+paste karate, pan tula (ani mala pan tu aho jaho karu nakos ga!) barahaa, kinvaa gamabhana asale fonts download karun mag lihitaa yeil na devanaagareemadhye. malaa vaatat ki shivaji ha pan ek font ahe.

    shubhechChaa! ani ho, Go fedex! ;)