February 9, 2009

A gift

i was wondering....what did u look for when u decide to give a gift...what r ur criteria if you do have any...i tried to think it thro...and came up with many...strictly my perception...here it goes...not necessarily in that order..

1. what that person means to you...

2. the occasion...of course

3. Is that useful?

4. Are u sure...that person will like ur gift?

5. I try to include some special element as a surprize in the gift..and if not in gift directly..then in the way of giving, place of giving anything at all...anything that makes that gift doubly special & enjoyable..

6. a personal touch..i mean writing ur name & the name of the person to whom u r giving this gift is very much important for me..some people find it interesting to omit their names...i dont..i prefer to write some sort of message along with the gift.

7. it should not be a burden on the other person...not in the monetary sense...not in any other sense...

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